Snuggling up in Paris


From sunday to wednesday my boyfriend and I were in beautiful Paris as he gifted this trip as a birthday present to me. I was super excited for this trip for a very long time now and I planned to shoot one outfit everyday, but unfortunately I got a very bad flu that is still with me, and so we only managed to shoot this outfit for you on monday. 

5 tipps about how to start a fashionblog


When I first had the idea to start blogging, I absolutely didn't know where to start. I thought that I had no fancy clothes, no matching accessories, no technical knowledge, no camera and in generel no experiences with that thing (of course- where should the experiences had came from?), but I really wanted to start! I never ever would have started blogging without my boyfriends motivation, but I'm happy I did because it became more than a hobby: fashion, reading blogs and writing my own became a passion, and there is nothing more calming after university and hours of learning than writing about my own impressions and feelings about fashion, beauty etc.

Christmas Gift Guide


It's that time of the year again where everybody is slowly beginning to think about what to give as a present for christmas. Especially when it comes to the presents for my dad and boyfriend, it's always the same: I have no idea. Because I know that I'm not the only daughter& girlfriend having this problem, and also men often don't know what to buy for a women, I thought about some nice presents that are all under 300€, so they're not breaking the bank completly.