Update: Handbag Wishlist


You guys might have noticed that I have this thing with handbags and so there are always some potential new handbag family members on my wishlist. Today I'm going to show you an updated version of my current handbag wishlist!

Louis Vuitton
The latest handbag I bought was my Valentino Lockbag and I really love wearing this baby, but one thing that kind of stresses me is the fact that the leather is very smooth and light coloured, means sensitive as hell. Since the Louis Vuitton canvas is nearly indestructable I really want to get a LV bag to have one that I don't need to care about that much when wearing. My favourite design is the Neverfull MM (find here) which I have been wanting for years, so maybe I should get it soon before the price increased once again!

With the Givenchy Antigona I fell in love with last year, but back then I wanted to get it in smooth black leather. As I couldn't find this combination anywhere, I never bought it, but I still don't feel satisfied when thinking about this bag. I really adore the burgundy colour aswell and maybe the pebbled leather the burgundy one comes with would be an better option to the smooth. Especially for autumn and winter I would adore to combine this bag to black, navy and grey outfits and it would give a perfect little pop of colour! You guys notice: I'm not over it yet! You can get the bag here.

Saint Laurent 
Whenever I go out in the evening, I realize that I don't have a nice bag for night outs. Because of the coated leather, this bag would be perfect for night outs in bars aswell as for clubbing as it is very chic but sturdy at the sime time. I absolutely adore the simple yet eyecatching design of this bag and with silver hardware I would never go wrong! Find this bag here.

Last but not least- the mother of the bags: Chanel. My favourite designs and "want-to-have"'s are the rectangular design in a mini size and a popping colour and the Boy Bag in black with silver hardware. I'm far away from having decided which colours, sizes and especially leathers I want to have as this investion is nothing I would do in the next two years! But I'm pretty sure that as soon as I finished my law degree, I'm going to reward myself with one of them!

How do you like these bags? Are some bags on your wishlist currently that you're thinking about buying? Let me know!

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