Wishlist 2016


What's in the picture: 1- Céline Luggage Bag // 2- Dior So Real Sunglasses // 3- Céline Trio Bag // 4- Chanel Nailpolish in silver // 5- Chloé Faye Bag // 6- Pandora Ring and Tiffany& Co. Bracelet // 7- Adidas Stan Smith Sneaker // 8- Chanel brooch // 9- Céline Audrey Sunglasses // 10- Louis Vuitton Keyholder

There are a few things I want to buy in 2016, so I thought I would share my wishes with you! 

1- Céline Luggage Bag
I really like the Céline Luggage bag in size mini, especially the soft shades are so pretty! I'm not sure whether to get one as the price is insane but I love the style, so I will overthink that! 

2- Dior So Real Sunglasses and 9- Céline Audrey Sunglasses
I really love both of the sunglasses and I'm pretty sure I will add one of them to my collection! A.t.m. I tend to buy the Dior sunglasses as the Céline ones are very similar to my Ray- Ban Wayfarers and the style of the So Real is just so unique, so I'm pretty sure it's going to be the Dior's!

3- Céline Trio Bag
An other piece from Céline! I love the smaller size of this bag, I already tried on a classic red Trio Bag and I loved it. Definitely worth thinking about!

4- Chanel Nailpolish in silver
This will be perfect for summer when being tanned or for autumn combined with heavy black leather outfits! And of course with the Dior So Real sunnies ;)

5- Chloé Faye Bag
Maybe my next bag as it is perfect for spring but also looks great with all black everything outfits! I adore this beige/ creme colour, it's a must!

6- Pandora Ring and Tiffany& Co. Bracelet
I would like to add these two beauties to my jewelry collection as I only wear silver jewelry and I love the bead- styles of both pieces! So pretty!

7- Adidas Stan Smith Sneaker
I'm already looking for Stan Smith's with black detailing, I hope I will find them in my size as they seem to be sold out everywhere! 
8- Chanel Brooch
I want a nice silver Chanel brooch since forever but haven't found one! I hope I will have the chance to add one to my collection this year! 
10- Louis Vuitton keyholder
I want to buy a keyholder as soon as possible as I'm very afraid about ruining the inside of my bags! My Saint Laurent bag e.g. has a leather interior so I really want to take care of it with using a keyholder instead of only a keyring!

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