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Since I'm a teenager I was a girl that loved accessories and had loads of bags, shoes, belts and scarves. Even my parents laughed at me because I was addicted to get like Chucks in every single colour and Zara scarfes from every single collection. But since quite a while now I prefer to buy less but more expensive accessories. Not only the quality is a lot better, but I like to invest in something I will have for a few years. Furthermore it's a great feeling to save money for something you really want to have and the feeling of finally getting it of course.
And so it was with these shoes: I fell in love with the modell and especially with the colour (which is called 'Amaranto') immediately. But the thing is, that shoes will loose their value as soon as you wore them -who wants to buy worn shoes?- and also I have more this thing with bags than with shoes.
As you can see I ended up buying them anyway and I don't regret it, so I want to write down a short review about my Miu Miu sneakers.

First I want to show you the pro's: this is a shoe that you can wear with nearly every single black or grey outfit because the burgundy red works really nice with dark outfits. Not only because of the silver tip they're a real eye catcher and matches to handbags with silver hardware perfectly.
What I also love about them is that they can be dressed up or down as they are sportive but super chic at the same time. 
The sole is quite uncomplicated and very easy to clean; the leather doesn't need that much care, too. I just like to stuff them with the paper they came with when I don't wear them, so they don't loose their shape, and I impregnate them about every 4-6 weeks.
They come with two dust bags which is a really nice add to the shoes.

But to best honest, there are a few con's I don't want to conceal. First and maybe the biggest minus: I can't wear them with naked feed so I always have to wear nylon socks with them as they are uncomfortable as hell. As pretty as they might be, they are incredibly uncomfortable and I can't wear them without nylon socks for more than one hour. I wear them for about seven months now but I still regret every single try to wear them without socks as I still get bad blisters from them. With nylon socks and patches everything is fine, but without: no way!
An other negative point is the price of course: I paid about 400€ for them which is a lot money for shoes! 

At the end you have to decide whether you would pay that high amount of money for shoes that might be unfomfortable on your feed. It might seem to be crazy saying that, but I would definitely buy them again as I love the design of them so much and they fit perfectly in my wardrobe. For me, they were a great invest and I'm pretty sure that I will enjoy combine them much longer than I did now!

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