New in: Chloé Marcie Mini Saddle Bag


Please welcome my new bag: the Chloé Marcie Mini saddle bag in cashmere gray! I have this bag since quite a few weeks now and I can tell you I am very happy with my decision to buy it. The leather is extremly soft and the bag is finished super nice; it's so worth its money! Furthermore the grey is nice to combine as it works as good with black and dark colors as it looks combined with soft nude tones.
What I also love about this bag is the fact that the logo doesn't pop out that much so the bag itself is not very bold. 
Oh and have you seen the new James Bond film? Bond-girl Léa Seydoux wears this bag in brown in "Specter", that may be the reason why the price gone up so fast?! 
I bought mine here: Net-A-Porter

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