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After my boyfriend and I had fantastic vacation on Mallorca, we wanted to share a few of our impressions with you as it might be helpful for some of you to get some inspirations what to do when being there.
First of all we decided to spend our holidays on Mallorca because it's multifarious. You can do so much more than go to parties so we thought that it might be a good idea to explore the island from all it's different facettes- and so it was!  So here is my little what- to- do- guide when visiting Mallorca. Enjoy!

We decided to stay in Alcúdia which is in the north- east of Mallorca. Alcúdia is separated into three parts: Platja d'Alcúdia which is very touristic but directly at the beach, the historic city of Alcúdia which is the prettiest part, and Port d'Alcúdia which is also directly at the beach but hasn't got that great sand as in Platja d'Alcúdia. We decided to stay in a hotel in Platja d'Alcúdia as the beach there is very rambling and the sand is super soft. From there you can visit the pretty historic city and you have a great range of car rentals so you can also be very flexible to visit other places. There is also driving a bus directly to Palma de Mallorca, so even if you don't rent a car you can visit other places from there.

In the historic city of Alcúdia we found a great bistro. It's called Verde Teja (click here to find them on facebook) and they sell fresh handmade and organic food, and also a great variety of vegan deliciousness. I was super happy to found this place and only can reccomend to enjoy a meal there, they make fresh sandwiches, smoothies, salads etc. We decided to order sandwiches with fresh selfmade wholegrain bread and a smoothie. After taking a photo we also enjoyed some cake which was great too!

As my boyfriend and I wanted to stay away from all the toursitic activities, we looked up some isolated cove's. A great help for finding beautiful cove's and beaches was With our rented car we drove to Cala Mondrago and Cala Magraner. 
Cala Mondrago is a cove which is a bit more visited than we hoped but it was also very relaxing as the water there is simply perfect and the sand is also pretty soft. You can take a walk through a short part of a forrest and see the ocean from a perfect view apart from all the tourists. 
Cala Magraner was harder to find as it is very isolated from the streets. After we drove there we needed to walk for about 40 minutes before we reached the cove. It is not possible to drive this way with a car so you need to take this walk when going there. It's a pebble beach which might be not that attractive as a beach with sand but the water there reimburses everything. You should definitely go there, it's worth it!

Besides beaches and beautiful old cities Mallorca is also great for hiking. As we haven't had that much time for taking a serious hike, we diceded to simply take a short hike upon an hill which was next to our location, the "puig de sant martí". It was not a long hike but also a great experience you should not miss when on Mallorca!

I hope you got some inspirations. And: never forget to explore something new!

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